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Time:01:04 am
so, i just now accidentally torn off my entire pinky toenail.

note to self: don't do that
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Subject:Great Tshirt, Great Cause. Seriously. Buy one now.
Time:10:32 pm
Okay. Let us establish some things.

1) My sister kicks so much ass I can't explain it
2) My sister is currently undergoing Chemotherapy to continue to kick cancer's ass
3) That shit's expensive
4) You, who may and may not know me nor my sister, can help by buying a tshirt from her.

Yes, I am 100% soliciting your money and I am fine with it.

How do you not want to help this awesome chick pay off the 48 million dollars she'll owe by the end of this?

Her blog is Never miss a thing, and there is a link in the top left to buy a shirt via paypal.

the shirts you can buy look like this:!

and something like this:

there is a chance the tank will change color. we'll see

So anyway....my sister rocks but is soon to be poor. I know people hit you all up for money all the time.

in short:


Thank you. Very much.
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Time:01:19 am
so i have begun watching the HBO show called The Wire and it makes me acutely aware of three things.

1) im glad im not an addict. or at least a drug addict. im sure i have my addictions but nothing that leaves wanting more after it literally almost kills me

2) im glad im not a cop. at least the kinds of cops in this show. homicide, narcotics, cid, and the like would very easily not settle well with me. i cant even start to think about

3) and speaking of addictions, i get pretty addicted to good television pretty quickly. i dont understand why a show like this would appeal to me as fiction when the reality would do me in, but it could have to do with the blind boys of alabama performing a tom waits song.

incidentally i decided to start watching when i heard terri gross mention it a few times

note: im hungry, its almost 2 am, and i have been watching the wire off and on all day
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Subject:Electric Lion
Time:06:52 pm
this is a note that is basically an exact post from my website's blog which is referencing a new blog that i started and am posting about both on said website post and here in this post

Electric Lion

I have started a new blog that is apart from this website that has a simple goal of making me shoot and post every day this year. I tend to go through droughts at times when I am either really busy or really idle during which I pretty much don't shoot and that seems a) easily fixable and b) kind of inexcusable. My remedy for this is to create this blog that basically gives me similar restrictions as Paleo had on his Song Diary.

It will be updated daily (see the rules) and I'll try to update the images over here every week or so. Also I'll note that as of this posting the design is still VERY under construction and will get better.

Here is the first entry from the electric lion blog.

so today i join the uncountable myriad of camera owners who have set forth to post / shoot a photo every day. to try to create a work worthwhile every single day. to follow in the footsteps of giants. to try to do with photographs what emily dickinson did with poems, what suzan-lori parks did with plays, what paleo did for songs. i'm not trying to go out every day and create the world's greatest photo and i'm certainly not trying to post an image for the sake of doing so. if i can achieve a small part of what david strackany managed over his year long project then i will be beyond elated. i will try to learn from his example, actually. i was lucky enough to witness his journey first hand and get direct insight from him as to how he saw his work and, in a small way, what it meant to him. in short, i will attempt to create something every day and let it stand by itself and not go back an re-edit or have doubts about it later. at the end of the year i hope to have something that ..well..i guess just is SOMETHING. something that has been consistent and hopefully improved over time.

to give myself structure, i will be giving myself a loose set of rules in which to operate.

1_ i must take a photo on any given day
2_ the photo i post for a given day does not necessarily have to be the one taken that day
3_ if the photo for the day is shot film, i can post a place-holder text entry that gives insight into what should be expected to appear once the film is returned and post-processed.
4_ the goal is to keep making photographs in a classic manner, but new ideas should not be written off. that is, i can experiment, so long as it isn't some horrid gimmick.
5_ if for some reason i have no access to the internet, i am not excused for a post for that day.
6_ if a day is missed (ie not photo is taken on that day (rule one, most important)) the project is over.
7_ self portraits are kind of a cop-out, but will pass. creative, abstract, or meta-portrait attempts are encouraged, but i guess not 100% required.
8_ enjoy the process, push yourself, don't be an asshole.

so there we go.

day one was me on my scooter driving to Bryan's house. here is bryan and ashley's kid Noah, whom i call Karl (after Karl Pilkington, as they look the same. long story.)


Here is Day 001 (Noah) and several favorites of my first 19 days.

Noah Johnson in Birmingham, Alabama.

Kevin Wilder outside his home in Tampa, Florida.

A british kid playing at a window at the airport in Orlando, Florida.

My mom in Long Island City during some light snow.

I enjoy small latino men with mustaches. I cannot help it. Roebuck, Alabama.
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Subject:[from site]
Time:04:34 pm
The studio has shifted around a bit over the last three years and I thought I’d give a glimpse into the people who are around in my direct area these days. We started quite humbly about three years ago all in one office in my loft downtown and as we’ve grown we have had Bryan move down the hall (seriously like 45 feet away), Jason has added a full-time assistant, and I have moved into a separate office from them and then added my friend Garrett to our place for a little company. Garrett, though not a photographer, does prove to be a wonderful person to have around on a number of levels, so we are very happy to have him around.
Here is Jason “trying to look like” me, which to him apparently means having his hood up on his sweatshirt and looking a bit sour / grizzled.

Jason Wallis in the studio in Birmingham, Alabama.

Alan, who is Jason’s full-time guy, is a super solid shooter himself and an all-around great person to have on hand at any given moment. In fact I just got back from having coffee with him, but that’s sort of unimportant.
Alan Barton in Birmingham, Alabama.

And Garrett. Ahhhh Garrett. Day-trader and life guru, he brings a lot of happiness to our 80 square feet of the studio. Come on…look at this guy…
Garrett Simpson in the studio in Birmingham, Alabama.

Another new element to my days as late is a recent addition to the neighborhood called Urban Standard. The people there are as warm as the coffee (which, incidentally comes from local roasters Primavera Coffee Roasters)and the food is nothing short of outstanding (note: try the cupcakes) and they have a special extra bonus for me, as well. My friend Luke works there which means not only do I get to see new friends there (everyone who works there kicks ass) but I also get to be graced by his scottish glow.
Luke McKay in Birmingham, Alabama.

Luke McKay in the studio in Birmingham, Alabama.
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Subject:Chip Kilpatrick
Time:02:52 am
Speaking of talented musicians in my life, I present Chip Kilpatrick. He shares the stage with Taylor in The Great Book of John and Wild Sweet Orange and remains one of the most skilled, entertaining drummers I know. His wife, Marti, is pregnant and I cannot wait to see what kind of kid they have. I mean that to say, I wonder what the personality and quirks of this child will be. It is sure to be original and weird–but the best kind of weird.

Chip Kilpatrick in Birmingham, Alabama, November 24, 2007.

Chip Kilpatrick in Birmingham, Alabama on November 24, 2007.
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Subject:Taylor Shaw / The Great Book of John
Time:04:21 am
Music can move me like not a lot of other things and I really have been fortunate to have so many outstanding musicians in my immediate circle of friends, one of which is Taylor Shaw. Taylor is in at least two bands but is the front man for one of my favorite bands I have heard (not an exaggeration) that goes by the moniker The Great Book of John, its name taken from the song Angel of Death by good ole Hank Williams. (Incidentally, Hank Williams reminds me, pretty much always, of the film The Shawkshank Redemption)

Taylor, Bekah, Alex, and Chip make some seriously good music and have just put two tracks from their forthcoming album on their [previously linked] myspace page. I’ve been working with them in various ways on the album and had a quick session with Taylor this passed Wednesday and came out with this polaroid I’m really excited about. It may actually change the direction we go with for album presentation. Er, they go with. What I know is I’ll be grabbing the other three band mates to complete the series.

Look for their album in the next couple of months.
Taylor Shaw on November 21, 2007 in Birmingham, Alabama.
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Subject:Homeless Joe and Whiskerino
Time:08:21 pm
Alright so I’ve been working on a few things and haven’t gotten a ton of stuff posted here but hopefully I’ll get that changed up very soon. For now, two things:
First, I got to hang out with Azurae and Danny a few days ago over in Atlanta when Tori Amos played at the Fox. At one point Matt, Jon, and Dan were walking around being harassed a bit by someone who called himself Homeless Joe who was treating them to his personal live-on-location radio show. I like to pretend that they are in a band together with Joe at the helm instead of Tori.

Dan Phelps Matt Chamberlain Jon Evans and Homeless Joe walking across the street in Atlanta, Georgia.


Secondably*, Whiskerino 2007 started on the first day of November. What this means in short is I have no facial hair. Or, had no facial hair. You see, everyone who participates has to start with a clean shaven face and cannot cut their beard for four months. Given I’ve had my beard more or less since 2001, four months doesn’t really seem like a real challenge. The real challenge came in actually shaving my face. It was weird and awkward and I do not suggest it at all. For serious. Nonetheless, I am 18 days in and the beard is on it’s way back and I am so so so ready for it. Here is me at day 15 (below, taken by Jason). To keep up with my progress, click here. Also, Alan Barton is participating as well and most days we take each other’s photo for the site..

Me 15 days into Whiskerino 2007. Birmingham, Alabama.

*This word is awesome. Do not argue.
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Subject:Preston Lovinggood
Time:10:13 am
Preston Lovinggood (with Coltrane) at the home of Eliot Morris.

Preston Lovinggood with Coltrane at the home of Eliot Morris, Birmingham, Alabama.

Preston Lovinggood at the home of Eliot Morris, Birmingham, Alabama.
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Time:10:12 pm
A few more shots from my recent trip to see my sis.

Featuring the one the only Rob Culpepper

Rob Culpepper in New York.

A man apparently hiding his dog's face for some reason. New York

A new friend called Dan Barry who is a shooter for the New York Times and Bloomberg.

A skateboarder near my sister's place in Long Island CIty, New York.

Weird cloud formation in New York, New York.

A man taking a photo of a woman in Times Square.

A van in Manhattan that reads GOD is Good! [I CONCUR].
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Subject:a quick vacation
Time:05:58 pm
Ahh vacation. I had the pleasure of hanging out with my sister recently and basically just relaxing around New York. I don’t do that well–take a vacation I mean–so it was nice to have Nicole enforce a no-work rule on me. I even got to hang out with Rob who just recently made the move (and will be living in Alphabet City, if I’m not mistaken). Two and a half things of note:

  • I finally went to Central Park (I may have been before but I don’t recall it)

  • Finally went to Coney Island

  • [the .5] I visited the 5th Ave Apple Store (aka Macca)

Anyway here are some snaps from the trip (and maybe some words)

My sis at Coney Island, New York.

My sister, Nicole at Coney Island
The Wonder Wheel at Coney Island, New York.

A couple in front of us on the Wonder Wheel in Coney Island, New York.

(You can’t quite tell in the Journal post, but the girl is looking back at me)
Nicole freaking out a bit on the Wonder Wheel in Coney Island, New York.

A view of the city from the Wonder Wheel in Coney Island, New York.

A sweet sign at Coney Island, New York.

One of several amazing signs outside a bumper car ride at Coney Island, New York.

A man holding a small child in Coney Island, New York.

The Nathan's stand at Coney Island (well, the big one anyway).

The hot dog's we ate at the Coney Island, New York.

Nicole and myself sharing an amazing nutella crepe on the street near Central Park, New York.

Best. Crepe. In years.
Some leaves in Central Park, New York.

Nicole and myself in front of the 5th Avenue Apple Store in New York.

and this amazing lady
A lady in pink clutching her purse in a small store near my sister's place in Long Island City, New York.
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Time:07:55 pm
I took a bit of vacation to come up to visit my sister and it has really just been fantastic.

Finally! Weather I approve of. Yesterday’s climate was as custom-designed-for-me as it could get, at least in New York. I have high hopes for autumn, really.

But the point of this post is about David Andrew Strackany once again. That’d be the guy who plays music under the name Paleo. After a few months of setting into the body of work and even posting a huge chunk of images from the tour on the last day thereof, I am finally posting a few of the images in a series.

It took so long mostly because a) it really is a ton of photographs to sort through in tons of places and situations, and b) the goal of the series was to do my best to illustrate such a vast, vast, vast fortune project in a concise visual unit. Really tough.

If you are interested in knowing a bit about what is going on, be sure to check out the Image Notes at the top of the image (where applicable).

For more on Paleo, check out his website or his myspace.

View the Series
David recording in Kelly's kitchen in San Francisco, California.
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Time:08:30 pm

this makes me happy pretty much every time. this scene. as well as the entire movie.
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Subject:Oklahoma redux
Time:01:59 am
Okay…a little revisiting of a trip I took in December.
Adrian Owen walking near her house in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

The event that called me to Stillwater was a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. It was hosted by the gentleman below and several people I’d met before were there and I even made a new friend Shannon.
The host of the Mad Hatter Tea Party in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Shannon Werner and Adrian Owen in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

At one point we were walking around and I thought it a good idea to, yet again, try to rip off the album cover of Bob Dylan’s Freewheelin’. What can I say, it is a quality shot. So here is another attempt (and then some other stuff).
Jesse and Adrian fulfilling my request to recreate the Bob Dylan Freewheelin' cover. Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Adrian and her owl in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Jesse Tabish in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Adrian rocking some pretty sweet red sweats on the way to the gym in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Adrian and Jesse plooping around. Stillwater, Oklahoma.

My shadow at the track. Really original right. Stillwater, Oklahoma.
[Hey, a photo of a shadow. Again.]
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Time:08:04 pm
China Moon, aka Quincy's

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